The panic attack is commonly experienced as the sudden surge of anxiety and fear. In this situation, the heart may pounds, and you cannot breathe properly. You may be feeling that you are going to become crazy, or you may feel tired and exhausted. If you are suffering from panic attacks and you are left untreated, then you may start suffering from the panic disorders and other related problems. A panic attack can disrupt all sorts of normal activities. The good news is these types of attacks can be cured if you take the right steps in short period of time. There are various treatments like the free screenings and consultations offered by that can help you to treat the panic attacks!

It’s important to realize there is a difference between normal fear and a panic attack. Fear-based stress is a normal experience that we all face when we encounter something unusual or unknown. Panic attacks, however, are a more isolated event (though they may occur quite often in some individuals). The recurrent panic attack can be a signal of an untreated disorder.

Am I Having a Panic Attack? These are just some of the common symptoms:-

(1)  Shortness of breath

(2)  Chest pain

(3)  Discomfort

(4)  Nausea

(5)  Upset/choking feeling

(6)  Sweating

(7)  Heart palpitations

(8)  Hot and cold flashes.

Here Are Some Treatments That You Can Take When You Are Suffering From Panic Attack-

  1. Breathing Exercise

If you are suffering from the panic attack, you can take breathing exercises to instantly calm yourself. In your free screening and consultation, your therapist or coach will suggest different types of exercises to calm down your mind.

  1. Therapy

When you are suffering from a panic attack, you can take help of the therapy that can help you examine and overcome the sudden reactions that usually “trigger” your symptoms. This form of talk therapy is known to be very effective.

  1. Dietary Changes

One of the most important things that you can do is to make a change in your dietary habits. Your

Therapy on Demand Nutritionist Coach will ask about your medications and your food preferences, and he will then craft a diet plan that will help you to reduce anxiety and stress.

  1. Exercise

When you have certain feelings of panic stroke or attack, you can do exercises with a Therapist Coach or Wellness Coach- personal training, yoga, or meditation. By engaging in active movement the mind becomes peaceful. You can exercise in sessions with your online coach and make plans for a home exercise program for you to follow on your own.

In dealing with panic attacks, it is best to cure this problem with skillful treatment and care before it worsens. You don’t have to deal with panic attacks alone. The team at Therapy on Demand is ready to help with a free screening, virtual coaching session, or with a subscription to wellness – a plan to allows up to 4 session per month for you and your immediate family.

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