Hair is a woman’s crown and glory. While some women like it cut short and sassy, most women prefer long and flowing. No matter the styling preference, it is safe to say that healthy hair is the goal. Healthy hair grows long and looks great.

There are multiple factors that contribute to how fast and long hair grows. Genetics play a role. Genes determine the texture and curl pattern as well as the length it grows before it sheds. Hair care practices may increase or decrease damage and breakage which affect hair length. The products for shampooing, conditioning and styling have an affect. The environment can affect hair growth. However, aside for genetics, the food chosen to nourish the body has the most profound effects on hair growth.

Believe it or not, hair and skin are the same kind of cells. Poor nutrition and health conditions that result in toxins not being released from the body effect both. When skin reflects poor nutrition and stress, the hair will as well. Malnutrition, stress, alcoholism, cancer treatments all effect the way the skin looks. They may also cause the hair to become dry and brittle, eventually leading to breakage and sometimes balding. Breakage stunts growth, giving the appearance that hair is not growing when, indeed, it is. It’s just breaking off before it grow a noticeable length.

Drinking adequate amounts of water can do wonders for the health of hair and skin. Experts say drinking at least 64 ounces of water every day improve your overall health. Water is the best natural moisturizer. It also helps flush out toxins that can have a negative effect on cells. Toxins will seep through the pores when there is no other way out of the body.

Long, healthy hair requires a diet rich in nutrients but more specifically vitamins C, biotin and niacin. Including these vitamins in your diet help prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Foods like salmon, avocado, peanuts, almonds, eggs, poultry and lean pork are all rich in biotin and niacin. Dark leafy greens, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas and papayas are all rich in vitamin C. However, there are times when these foods cannot be incorporated into the diet. That’s when including a nutritional supplement or vitamin that includes vitamin C, biotin and niacin is important to make sure the body is getting everything it needs.

Having healthy hair is the ultimate goal when it comes to hair care and styling. While multiple factors play a role keeping it healthy, nutrients consumed in the diet and water consumption play big roles. Consume foods that contain vitamins C, biotin and niacin. Take a daily vitamin that have these vitamins. Drink the daily recommended amount of water.


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