Considered to be one of the most powerful anabolic components in the steroid community the Tren is known for its effective fat burning properties. Although derived from the steroid Nandrolone, it has no estrogenic properties available. This makes it a remarkably versatile and flexible component providing tremendous muscle gains. It is available in injectable but not oral form. It is recommended to complete a couple of cycles of testosterone before opting for this component. The available variants of this component include Trenbolone Enanthate, Trenbolone Acetate and Parabolan, the basic difference between them is their half-lives.

Through an increase in the level of IGF-1 inside the muscle tissues it aids in muscle enhancement. It also improves the DNA levels in the muscle cells, thereby providing significant muscle enlargement. Trenbolone with Testosterone provides one of the best results that even Testosterone alone cannot produce. However, adequate care must be taken to ensure that the appropriate and safe dosage intake is followed, as an improper consumption level can increase the risk of major adverse effects on the body. Therefore, proper medical assistance must be sought to ensure that that the appropriate dosage level is followed based on the purpose of use.

Estimated cost of purchase

The price of a product is always a major determining factor while purchasing and therefore, the prevailing market price should be known to ensure that the right price is paid for the product. Due to the complicated legal status of the Tren there happens to be a simultaneous existence of an underground black market. The Acetate version available in the online market quotes a price range between $60 and $100 for a vial of 10ml. While the Enanthate version is available for a price of $90 to $130 for a 10ml vial depending upon the concentration level opted for.

Basic cycle for beginners

Most people are of the opinion that referring a cycle as basic indicates that it is weak. This is not so, as such cycle structures are framed mostly for beginners or amateurs who are taking the Tren for the first time. It proves to be as extensive as required for the initial startup and should always be inclusive of Testosterone. The testosterone is always incorporated in almost all Trenbolone cycles as the Tren is known to suppress the natural production of the male hormone Testosterone.

The dosage level for such cycle is set at 50mg every alternate day during the initial period to observe the effects of such substance on the body. The intake level is gradually increased upto 75mg for better results and that too under the guidance of a proper medical practitioner. Irrespective of the dosage intake followed, the duration of use should not exceed a period of 8 weeks. Some users prefer to follow a 12 weeks cycle but that comes with increased side effects. For off-season cycling, this supplement stacks well with Testosterone and Dianabol. However, during the cutting phase Trenbolone with Testosterone and other anabolic components like Winstrol and Anavar provides the best results.


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