Different type of women will lose or gain weight differently. In this article we are researching the probability of finding the perfect diet based on the shape of women’s body. The focus is on three body shapes and researching three different diets. The research recognized apple shape, pear shape and hourglass shape of the human body.

Apple Shape

When we talk about apple shape body, most of the fat is in the waist (abdominal area) and above the waist. The elimination of the excess fat in the abdominal area should require specific diet in terms of increasing the food which is rich with cellulose, legumes and cereals for example. Furthermore the focus should remain on fresh fruit especially in the morning and the recommendation is to start of the day with a fresh fruit. Eliminate the animal fat and increase the intake of lean meat. Don’t forget the fish and soy.

Pear Shape

Bigger butt and larger hips could be found on women with pear-shaped body. In order to reduce the weight you should eliminate any type potatoes and beans. Any type of fat should be excluded as well. Low fat percentage food can be consumed such as fish, any type of seafood, whole grain bread and brown rice. Speed up your metabolism with tomato juice.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is not always problem for the women but sometimes it could be disproportional which can affect the confidence of a person. The research also suggests that these types of women are prone to obesity and proper diet should help them to keep the figure. You should avoid any kind of fat, sweets avocados and nits. Focus your diet on food which is rich in protein, vegetables, eggs, non-feat meat etc.


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