As the weather changes we all want to look great and not be affected by the heat and dust. As we get our fashion and makeup game on point, here is how to take care of that skin as well.

If you want your outfit and fashion jewellery to compliment you well, you got to have that natural glow. Having a set routine helps you stay away from dull, irritated skin that looks out of place in your perfect get-up. Here’s how to keep it in this dust filled world:

1. Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

It is extremely important to set your exfoliation routine set and down to pat just like cleansing and moisturizing. This will help get all the dirt out of your pores, remove dead skin and bring that smooth, glowing skin to the surface. The perfect routine is to cleans, exfoliate and then moisturize. It’s not just your face, but every part of your body, arms, legs, underarms everywhere.

2. Clean Up

If you go to sleep without cleaning off your make-up then it is a major mistake. With your skin under the make-up you put, it gets no breathing space at any point. This makes it vital for you to clean off everything and then head to bed so that your skin gets a proper sleep as well. All your fashion jewellery will not be able to work any magic if your skin is not healthy.

3. Spark Up Your Skin

After the whole cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, do not forget to add sunscreen this summer. Extra things like facial serum, oil adds the needed glow and you don’t need use a lot of it. Sunscreen is an absolute, f you go out without any on, get ready to be super tanned or worse sun-burned. It is important to spark up your skin, bring that extra zest to it and still protect it.

4. Set A Make-Up Routine For Yourself

Don’t blindly follow what make-up tutorials are telling you. First figure out your skin type and what suits your skin. There are certain products or brands that do not suit every skin type. In summers you don’t need very loud make-up. A basic foundation, mascara and a liner along with a nice shade of lipstick is enough to make you shine. Overdoing your make-up makes your face too bright and overshadows your clothes and fashion jewelry.

5. Mix-Match Your Shampoo and Conditioner

With the increasing amount of pollution in the country, it is impossible to keep your hair dust free and healthy without putting in any work. So, choose your shampoo according to your scalp; is it oily or is it dry and then a moisturizing conditioner to help your ends. The best mix will help increase the shine, volume and texture of your hair and help you get that perfect look.

6. Get Your Beauty Sleep

As it is said by everyone, beauty sleep or an adequate number of hours of sleep is very important. As you sleep, your eyes rest which then helps your eye bags relax. Your skin rejuvenates; repairs and looks refreshed. A set pattern, time and amount of sleep are very important not just for your skin but the whole body.

7. Clean It Up

Make sure your make-up kit is clean and de-cluttered. Cleaning your brushes and sponges after a use, this help stop irritation and breakouts on your face. Letting them sit with make-up on it for too long can cause rashes and infections. Clean out your drawers by throwing out old products that have expired or dried-up, do not use them.


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