Human body can adapt amazingly very fast, thus you shouldn’t be worry to stay committed to your workouts. It is all about commitment when comes to working out, and lack of discipline won’t get you where you want to be. You probably sourced the internet so many times to find the perfect exercises to get you in shape, and some of them are great bot not all of them.
Before you try these three proposed exercises, firstly ensure that you are ready to stay committed and you are ready to challenge yourself.The Challenge: Incorporate this three exercises in you very next workout:

1. The Body Rocks

Place your legs in vertical position while lying on your back. Have your arms over your head. While in this position use the abs and rock your body to seated position or better said ALMOST up to seated position and rock back down. Try this exercise for 30 seconds the first time. If you feel like you can handle this exercise adjust the time as you feel is best for your body.2. The Shoulder Annihilators

By placing the forearms down assume the push up position. From this position rotate up and out of one of the arm ending up with your chest on 90 degree angle from the ground or perpendicular position. While rotating you has to ensure that the weight of your body falls on your shoulders. Repeat this 10 times for each arm, you should feel the burn in your shoulders.3. Scorpions

Start this exercise with assuming the push up position. By passing your right leg with your left leg move it as far as possible and rotate your body and your head along with your leg. Repeat the same exercise with your right side. Try this 10 times on each side. This exercise is for your mid-section.


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